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Heather, female, 27, Glasgow, graduated with a History of Art degree from Leeds University, studying English Literature at Glasgow University since Sept. 2011, role player, bisexual, lives with her fiance Chris and their cat Milo. Suffers from asthma, migraines, depression irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and hypermobility syndrome. More?

I am... an english literature student, a history of art graduate, hyper-mobile, a pagan, a bookworm, opinionated, a roleplayer, a website owner, artist & photographer, writer, gamer.
independence, cats, animals, geckos, art, history of art, roleplaying, star wars, people i can trust, books, reading, personal spirituality, open minds, understanding, people that understand depression, speaking my mind, honesty, world of warcraft, creative writing, world building, promoting invisible illness awareness.

prejudice, ignorance, homophobia, spiteful criticism, hypocrites, bullying, christianity, whining lkh fans, immature rpers, lord of the rings, the bible being used as an excuse for bad behaviour, ants, sexist behaviour, online drama, heights.

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80's, alanna the lioness, anita blake, anne bishop, aphrodite, arrow, art, art history, ash redfern, astrology, avril lavigne, beckenham, bisexual, black jewels trilogy, bondage, bones, books, bromley, buffy the vampire slayer, catherine fisher, cats, charmed, coruscant, crystals, csi, deviant art, deviantart, dido, divination, doctor who, dominance & submission, elementary, episode iv, episode v, episode vi, facebook, fantasy, fantasy art, gail z martin, gemstones, glasgow, grand admiral thrawn, graphics, greek mythology, green day, guardians of time, guardians of time trilogy, han solo, handcuffs, harry potter, history of art, horoscopes, house, house md, hypermobility, hypermobility syndrome, icon textures, icons, jacen solo, jacqueline carey, jaina solo, jean claude, jedi, karen miller, kelley armstrong, kim harrison, kotor, kushiel's legacy, kyp durron, l.j. smith, laurell k hamilton, law and order, leverage, libra, lightsaber, lioness, lions, luke skywalker, lycanthropes, mara jade skywalker, marianne curley, merry gentry, michelle branch, mortal kombat, neopagan, new jedi order, night world, old magic, pagan, painting, pbem, pbems, percy jackson, phedre no delaunay, photography, play by email, princess leia, reading, red dwarf, richard zeeman, richelle mead, rogue squadron, rose quartz, rpging, secret circle, sex, shapeshifters, shark, sidhe, sith, slave collars, spells, star wars, student, sugarcult, supernatural, sw expanded universe, swtor, tamora pierce, tarot cards, textures, the corrs, the force, the living end, the named, the old republic, the secret circle, torchwood, tristan and isolde, troy, tru calling, underworld, university, urban fantasy, vampire academy, vampires, warcraft, websites, werewolves, witches, world of warcraft, wow, x-men, yoda
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