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Adding me

Before adding me as a friend I ask people to do three things:

1) Please know me from somewhere online - if you know me offline I may add you as a friend, but that is a very slim chance. It's nothing personal I just use this journal as my safe haven, my place to talk about all aspects of my life and it is hard to do that while worrying that people may take offence to something I say or something else equally not fun.

2) Please take a moment to learn about me by reading this LJ entry.

3) Lastly, please read the rest of the information in this entry.
About my journal

I use this journal to post about anything I want to write about. This can be anything I come across in life  and I do discuss personal problems and events. I don't use lj-cut unless it's for images, quizzes etc. My entries are long, personal and I talk about the illnesses I suffer from. This includes depression, so if you have no real understanding of depression or hate reading depressing posts please don't add me.  My journal is about life, and all aspects of life, that includes the good, the bad, and the pissed off moments. In other words... not every entry is full of pain or depression, and I am capable of being a happy person.


I don't expect people to comment on every entry, and likewise I don't comment every time. But I do read every entry, and so I would appreciate the same in return. Just interact with me, that's all I ask :)
Meeting new people

Please do not be shy about adding me, I like meeting new people, but I do find it hard to talk to people if I don't have anything in common with them. So have some of the same interests, be interested in some of the same fandoms, that sort of thing.

Comment to be added - Please actually comment! Don't be shy, I won't bite. I won't add someone just because they add me. As said above, interact with me and the first step of that is commenting to be added. Just say hello, say why you've added me and anything else you want to say. Just give me something, ok? :)

Be over 16 - Pretty simple. The reason? I'm 27 and I don't really have much in common with people under 16 any more. I'm having a hard enough time connecting with the 18 year olds at university! This doesn't mean my posts are not child friendly.

Have interests in common - Only needs to be a few. I would also prefer people that are like minded. So if you're offended by homosexuality, Paganism, pre-marital sex, profanity or a non-Christian view point, it would probably be best if you don't add me.

Have actual content in your LJ - You don't have to have amazingly indepth journal entries but I have no interest in only reading your fanfic or quizzes that you have completed. I like to be able to have something to read, and a few lines for entries all the time doesn't do that either.
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